mark finley

Involved in Christian ministry for more than 40 years, Pastor Mark Finley (retired) is the former speaker/director of It Is Written. He has traveled as an international evangelist and has authored more than 40 books including Ten Days in the Upper Room and What the Bible Says About.


Pastor Brooks led a 60-year ministry that resulted in over 15,000 baptisms. He was a dedicated and successful evangelist, and was the founding speaker for Breath of Life, a television ministry that began in 1974.


Author and Speaker/Director of It Is Written ministry, John Bradshaw has held more than 100 evangelistic meetings which have spanned six continents and impacted thousands of lives. Pastor Bradshaw was formerly a DJ in his home country of New Zealand before he accepted Christ.


Our promise to our listeners is to tell only the truth as it is in Jesus and to show you how to live more abundantly, both spiritually and physically. We are truly interested in YOUR salvation and health. 


WBTT radio is a conservative Christian radio station established in 2016 to reach the residents of the Batesburg-Leesville area of South Carolina, and as well as our friends in the internet community.

ivor myers

Speaker/Director of Power of the Lamb Ministries, Ivor Myers was a Jamaican-born hip-hop artist who was signed to EMI Records, but turned down a lucrative recording contract to follow Jesus. Ivor and his wife, Atonte, co-host the 3ABN television program, Battles of Faith,and are having a profound effect on thousands of people.


Pastor Glenn Coon's ministry has spanned more than 60 years, awakening many to the importance of simple prayer. He started the ABCs of Prayer Crusade, which led thousands to Christ.  He can be heard on our station as well as on


President of Shepherd's Call ministry, Christian Berdahl is an international speaker and singer known for his rich, powerful voice and Biblical messages. Shepherd's Call is a ministry dedicated to sharing the gospel through heavenly music and practical Bible-based teaching.


Lively author and speaker Walter Veith is part of the international television network, Amazing Discoveries.  His seminars are the result of his in-depth research on evolution and creation, health and diet,  and Bible prophecy.


Christian Author and popular bible teacher, Shelley Quinn travels widely over the world preaching the Gospel of Christ at revivals, retreats, and camp meetings. She works in Program Development at Three Angels Broadcasting Network and hosts Exalting His Word  and other programs on 3ABN.


Dr. David DeRose is a physician holding board certifications in both Internal Medicine and Preventive Medicine. He has a Master’s Degree in Public Health (MPH) with an emphasis in Health Promotion and Health Education. He also has had three decades of experience in the alternative and complementary health field.


Currently working in medical missionary work in Australia, Dr. John Clark completed his education at Loma Linda School of Medicine in California, and now lectures on a wide variety of lifestyle related diseases and conditions.


Speaker/Director for the Voice of Prophecy, and host of VOP's flagship broadcast, Disclosure, Pastor Boonstra made his decision to commit his life to the gospel ministry after attending an evangelistic series in the city of Victoria, British Columbia. He now lives in Loveland, Colorado.


Pastor Walter Fry has served the Lord fifty plus years as a pastor, speaker, teacher, administrator and missionary. He currently is serving in retirement as Pastor Emeritus of the Three Angels Seventh-day Adventist church in Batesburg-Leesville, SC


Energetic Christian author and speaker, Doug Batchelor can be seen on national cable networks and heard on over 125 radio stations across the U.S. He also serves as President of Amazing Facts ministry.

phillip sizemore

A speaker for Amazing Discoveries, Phillip Sizemore also pastors a church, and his passion is for reaching people with the message God has given for this time  He also served as Associate Director for a school of evangelism, as well as formerly serving as a literature evangelist.

w.d. frazee

Co-founder of Wildwood Medical Missionary Institute (now Wildwood Lifestyle Center) in Wildwood, Georgia, Elder Frazee was a gifted teacher, lecturer and medical missionary. During the Great Depression, Elder Frazee invited professionals to join him as medical volunteers, which turned into the faith ministry of Wildwood.


Ordained pastor for over 20 years, John Lomacang is also a popular Christian recording artist and host of several programs on Three Angels Broadcasting Network (3ABN), as well as singer for many other ministries. His life has been dedicated to serving the Lord in many capacities.


Full time practicing physician and author, Dr. Nedley has written books such as Proof Positive; How to Reliably Combat Disease and Achieve Optimal Health Through Nutrition and Lifestyle; Depression: The Way Out; as well as The Lost Art of Thinking. He has helped many in the areas of health and lifestyle, as well as depression.


Speaker/Director for Secrets Unsealed ministry, Steven Bohr has his BA, MA and MDiv degrees from Andrews University. His passion is the study of prophecy and encouraging others to study. He has authored many books to include Worship at Satan's Throne; Hidden Sabbath Truths; Taken or Left?; to name a few.


Dr. Thrash, a pathologist and family doctor, began Uchee Pines Health Institute in Seale, AL. She authored the books, Home Remedies, Natural Remedies, Nutrition for Vegetarians, as well as books on chronic fatigue, infertility, children's health, allergies and charcoal therapies.


Amazing Facts was founded in Baltimore, Maryland by Joe Crews in 1965. His sermons and talks are timeless, and continue to be heard throughout the world by enthusiastic listeners.


steve wohlberg

Speaker/Director of White Horse Media, Steve Wohlberg is the author of more than 30 books and has been a guest on more than 500 television and radio shows. He has also spoken by invitation inside the Pentagon and U.S. Senate, and is an international speaker and television producer.

OUR mission

Our mission is to tell others of Jesus Christ and his love for each one of us. Aligned with God's desire that all should be saved, it is our mission to be His representatives on earth for this purpose.


Executive Director of Audioverse, Alistair Huong has had the opportunity to travel widely, speaking and sharing the truth with young people nationally and internationally.  Having completed degrees at Ouachita Hills College as well as Southern Adventist University, he resides in Collegedale, TN with his wife, Deborah.